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Case Study

Lottery Master

This was a unique (new at the time) product that sold worldwide lottery tickets online.
Avi lead the marketing and sales team on a full time contract.

Case Study

Allen Carr – Case Study

Allen Carr has over 30m clients worldwide that have successfully stopped smoking with a unique seminar and world famous book – The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

marketing automation

Why do I need Marketing Automation?

Why would you need to build a marketing automation on your ongoing marketing efforts? You have already optimised and you are already reaching your goals…..so why?

lead nurturing

Magical Journey

Take your users on a magical journey built on your story, lead them on a path teaching them all about you, interest them with all the knowledge they need to know , build trust with them, show them previous results or satisfaction from your work, keep them engaged, interactive and curious.

lead nurturing

1st Impression

You only have 1 chance to make a 1st impression! 1st impressions are a one off, but even as charming as you may be, it can only take you so far.

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