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Social Media​​

Building social media presence and successful marketing strategies.


Reporting, optimizing, linking and an in depth SEO management solution.


Search marketing on various platforms with in depth analysis on competitors.

Digital Consulting

Building strategies from an in depth details design of a web business to marketing plans.

Web Design​

We have partnerships with creative and very talented design studios.

Content Marketing

Marketing content on a network of leading content platforms.

Project Management

Planning & executing complex projects to build your online business.

Media Buying

Buying and optimizing media on SSP's & DSP's and direct sources.


Building strategies, Media Plans and Advertising budgets.

one Step Ahead

Markeitng autamation

Marketing automation isn’t just for enterprise B2B companies any more, there are several solutions and platforms offering services at the price that suite nearly every online business with a marketing budget.

About time you went enterprise level


Having the ability to automate, segment, trigger, filter your users and leads with 1000’s of tools and the ability to automate funnels and build dedicated lp’s and emails, triggering text messages at the right time with the right message to a user that just visited one of your social accounts….and the list goes on.

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Well I started in selling ad space for a Dating online company back in 1999, in the midst of the bubble, when traffic was worth a lot and what ever you had you could sell.

Users read! Because the competition is massive, users have the option to make an educated buy of a product or service, so good content and information is crucial to a conversion.

I handle all my clients personally, every client has direct contact and a personal relationship with me. I employ and partner with specialist in every channel to insure best results, for instance I don’t do the SEO linking, article writing etc… I hire the best I know to do so with my close management of each project and task.

Define fast? A successful business takes planning, investing time, money and a lot of work to make it successful. There are certain tactics we can do to improve immediately, but in the long run is where I show the best results.

Over the years I have worked with B2C and B2B clients, although the marketing strategy is different, they both need a funnel that works. The planning and budgeting still go through the same steps.

Marketing automations is so much more than an automated emailing platform, read more in the marketing automation page.

Yes! I can take a project from the planning stages all the way down to the POC! Offering my close management and expertise to make any project work.© 2019
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