Why do I need Marketing Automation?

Why would you need to build a marketing automation on your ongoing marketing efforts? You have already optimised and you are already reaching your goals…..so why?

Well the answer lays in the video below….it takes the average person 15-30 minutes to change a tire….if your really good, maybe 10 mins.

If you have a team of pros like the F1 pitstop, it will take 3 seconds….to change all 4 tires!!! Yes 3 seconds…..

So, you may have your marketing team in sync with your marketing goals, but they can do so much better.

Having the ability to automate, segment, trigger, filter your users and leads with 1000’s of tools and the ability to automate funnels and build dedicated lp’s and emails, triggering text messages at the right time with the right message to a user that just visited one of your social accounts….oh the list goes on and on, but now you see why a 10 min tire change is so much more different with a team of F1 pit stop mechanics. Turn your team to a synced marketing automation team that feeds the sales with high quality leads.

Marketing automation isn’t just for enterprise B2B companies any more, there are several solutions and platforms offering services at the price that suite nearly every online business with a marketing budget.

Contact me for more details – I can build a marketing strategy that suites your media plan in increase conversions with high ROI.

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