Take your users on a magical journey built on your story, lead them on a path teaching them all about you, interest them with all the knowledge they need to know , build trust with them, show them previous results or satisfaction from your work, keep them engaged, interactive and curious.

I break down the journey into checkpoints – build a path with pitstops and each pitstop is another faze of the funnel – take for instance ‘building the trust’ section of the funnel, need to break it down into a mini funnel fo its own:

Feeding al the data you can to a user at once is a mistake, you need to keep them engaged and active – tell them the story they want to hear about your product.

Build a picture of what trust between you and your user looks like, break it down into steps, don’t get me wrong, the stages don’t have to be long or complicated – a simple retarget exposing a user to a ‘3rd’ party review of your product/service can do it.

So every stage has its purpose and should be broken down into mini funnels – Seems like a lot to dig into, but once you paint a picture it is easy to implement.

So what are the stages you should focus on? 

Well that really down to your product and/or service, but here is an example of what the basics are:

#Awareness of you and your product/service  – Why they need it – why  the is product out there – who is it for – why the price 


– reviews from clients about your product or service

– safety. How safe it is to purchase from you.

– money back, offer a them ease of mind if they don’t like what they buy.

#Knowledge – more about the service, more about you, more about anything 🙂

#Create interest – engagement like polls, yes or no funnels/fb like/shares 

#Sell it – special offer – out of stock – special offer? 🙂

#Retention – get a review – up sell – 

So once you have built trust  with users and fulfilled the entire journey with ticking off certain  

A customer that trusts you, is a customer that will buy.

 – Why you do what you do – What you have to offer

we need to paint a picture of your users ave journey to conversion

put the pieces together and plan the route or path a user will go through.

in the process we will build :


knowledge & awareness of the brand

getting them to want it

sell it

bonus it

retention it

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