You only have 1 chance to make a 1st impression! 1st impressions are a one off, but even as charming as you may be, it can only take you so far.

You only have 1 chance to make a 1st impression! 1st impressions are a one off, but even  as charming  as you may be, it only take you so far. You have to keep  up that reputation  far down the road – that’s what marketing automation and lead nurturing is all about.

Split seconds decisions.

You’ve invested money in getting me on your page and making a good impression with great design and killer content…And you have only seconds before I lose interest…. Seconds!

Now, in those few seconds your not going to try  to sell me something ( hope none of you are still doing that ) your going to try and  keep me engaged, get me reading or seeing something that will keep me interested, you have to reel me in slowly, slowly but surely.

Good content and a good flow on a site/app will do the job – but that’s another conversation on UI and content.

Keep your leads warm – Nurture them like a mother Goose

Your main objective on Stage 1 – The beginning of the funnel is generating leads, good leads, qualified leads, leads that will convert easy……but wait, will they?

If you have ever been fishing you’ll know that even when you have hooked a fish it doesn’t mean they’ll end up on your boat….or on your plate…like a fish that ‘escapes’ so do your leads. If you don’t nurture your leads properly….you will loose them.

What is lead nurturing? Well it’s keeping your leads warm with the right content and flow on their user journey.

Just like when you meet someone with a good 1st impression, they have to keep up that reputation….

Live up to your 1st impressions down the road.

How do you nurture leads? 

Nurturing leads is feeding your leads with the right information and valuable content, suited to the users interests and demographics, catching them with ads, emails, text messages at the right time. 

The lead nurturing process is built as a part of the user journey.

 Different users have different journey’s – for instants you can feed a single male with  content targeted to him whilst a married mother of 2 is engaged with different content aimed to interest her, the product is the same product, the journey is similar but the lead nurturing process is different. 

With marketing automation you can build personas that fit specific segments of users, every user has a user id that can be engaged suited to their flow or interaction.

Persona’s are attached to  lists  an automation process of it own.

Not getting into detail of how this works but if you have ever optimised a campaign before you will know that when the content suites the user, the user converts better.

If you are interested in learning more about the ‘Use Journey’ and how to utilise the different tools on Marketing Automation feel free to contact Avi and we will discuss.

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